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Opposite of Metropolitan. Usually found living in sparsley populated areas away from the hustle & bustle of city life. Hillbilly's don't give a shit what city folk think of them. Their apperance & what you think of them is not high on their priority list.

What is important to a Hillbilly?

1. Having a good time with friends & family
2. Not having to answer to anybody
3. Spending time in the outdoors; either in the woods or on the water.
4. Enjoying the finer things in life that money can't buy.

A Modern Hillbilly is NOT:

1. Uneducated (most have college degrees)
2. a redneck
3. white trash
4. a wigger
5. a nigger
6. poor or live in a shack

The Modern Hillbilly is a true bohemian who is not constricted by what the mainstream considers acceptable. They live by their own rules, similar to the "laws of the land".
Did you see those Hillbillys going to the lake in their jacked-up 'burban whith the new Donzi boat?

Hell YEAH!, lets go get our boat and party with them.

Dude, do you know them?

No, but its cool!
by Green Leaf Budz March 14, 2008

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