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One who has an abundance of over the top idea which they openly express.

an uneducated philosipher, who consistantly expresses; well thought out, complete, philosofii - of any explainable relevance.
"Ya he's quite the philosifficer, He comes up with crazy shit all the time."

could be used to discribe a publicly open-minded person.
by Grandmaster KrasH December 13, 2007

an idea usually consisting of, but not limited to, a sofisicated, unorthodox medium, which works in a practical, simplistic, manor.

can be used to classify most crazy or weird ideas that make sense, dispite being crazy/weird

anything you rant about when your bak3d

all those ideas you have for crazy tripping impossible; shoes, tricks, cars, weekends, etc.

a very broad Philosophy, which most can concour with.

Used in a sentence:

--The other day, my buddie was going of on some philosofii about climate change and it's effects on knuckle hair growth.

Weird @ss conection to make, but all his vairiables worked out, so the crazy idea becomes a philosofii
by Grandmaster KrasH December 13, 2007
when used in a sentence
i was so bak3d. - would indicade you were more baked than
you would have said:
i was so baked.

a certain state of drug influence.
usually refering to weed

distinguisable by a specific facial expression.
I was so bak3d last night
Getting bak3d!

baked is 5 joints
bak3d is 7 joints
by Grandmaster KrasH December 13, 2007
1. Proper Noun

2. Create any sort of unprevoked comotion.
When he go on the bus he cried like a wookie; And acted as nothing had happened.

"You shoulda seen what KrasH did earlier."
by Grandmaster KrasH December 13, 2007
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