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There are five prime classifications of dirge:
1. Trad Dirge
2. True Dirge (also known as Pure Dirge)
3. Dirge (also know as Standard Dirge)
4. Sub Dirge
5. Fake Dirge

However, there are offshoots such as Math Dirge, Nu Dirge, Black Dirge, Dirge Punk, Dirge Core, Neo-Classical Dirge, Prog Dirge, Nintendirgecore etc but they generally are derivative of one of the five main classifications.
1) My favourite type of dirge is dirgecore.

2) Wow, I was listening to The Vaccines and it's just sub dirge.

3) Suicide Silence are clearly dirge, but Bring Me The Horizon are obviously post-dirge.

4) Green Day are so weak, they're so fake dirge.
by Grallack86 October 14, 2011

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