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Ranked the best school in the country, St. Ann's is located in NYC. Known for the clintele of celebrity parents and constantly stoned high schoolers, the school excels in getting it's students into their top choices for college, which gained the school the top percentage for a high school recieving the most acceptances into Ivy League schools. There are no grades, percentages, or anything like that at St. Ann's, substituting impersonal numbers and letters for long written essays about each student's accomplishments. The girls at St. Ann's are known for their incredibly expensive clothing and amazingly hot looks, while the boys at St. Ann's created and fullfilled the definition of a "Wiggah", but many still dress as preppy as possible. St. Ann's has insane ragers every weekend, where the weed is free and abundant. St. Ann's is the best, in all ways possible.
Oh, she went to St. Ann's, she must be brilliant.

Dude, I hooked up with a girl from St. Ann's!

There's a St. Ann's party this weekend!
by Gossip Girl May 15, 2005
After reading all of the disgustingly inaccurate definitions above, I thought that it was about time for someone who knows what they are talking about to write. Now, I may not live there, but Broooklyn, while it is home to some not so great neighborhoods, also is home to three of the top ten richest people in the world, a multitude of respectable, rich, Academy Award winning actors, many famous artists, and Saint Ann's, which is considered the best and most exclusive High School in the country. Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, and Park Slope, are full of rich, multi-racial (but the majority is white) celebrities and businessmen, with children who are models and only wear clothing that is over $150. There are also many specialty boutiques, in which only haute couture is sold. To say that Brooklyn houses the worst and most violent neighborhoods in NYC, is purely inaccurate. What about the Bronx, Harlem, Lower East Side, areas around Delancy Street, and Little Somalia, which in the heart of Manhatten is considered the most dangerous neighborhood in New York. The inaccuracys of the above definitions is appaling. Please, if you have any NYC pride, just throw your diamonds up.
Sarah Jessica Parker lives on my block.
Gweneth Paltrow is moving to mine.
Where do you guys live?
Brooklyn.... Duh.
by Gossip Girl June 16, 2005
japs stuck in the city
JAPs (jewish american Prince(ss)) suck
by gossip girl September 01, 2003
when you or someone sexes up their girlfriend in public
Gawd, don't sexme in front of me...
by gossip girl September 25, 2003
being a dick
dude, your seriously dixon.
by gossip girl September 25, 2003
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