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14 definitions by GoldenGirlsBlows

The act of receiving a hand-job from start to glorious finish. So named because any self respecting person has not had one of these since grade 6.

As seen in South Park s14e14 "Crème Fraiche"
Keep your man happy. When things are going bad, there is nothing like an old fashioned to ease his stress
by GoldenGirlsBlows November 19, 2010
The act of dowsing one's pubic hair with scotch whisky and setting alight. Mentiond by Willy in The Simpsons s13e07 "It burns like a Glascow Bikini Wax!"
Duncan: "So did you get her to go for a Brazilian Wax?"
Malcom: "Nah, but I did the next best thing. After the bar she passed out by the toilet so I grabbed the whiskey and Zippo and let it rip..."
Duncan: "A Glasgow Bikini Wax?!...Rude"
by GoldenGirlsBlows October 15, 2010
The alternative to artificial lubricant (eg. KY). Performed when foreplay is bypassed to get into the "good stuff" without causing undo friction.
Please take me to a grease monkey, cuz I like to get lubed up before I get FUCKED! Huh! Some lube would be nice... or at least a Courtesy Lick
by goldengirlsblows May 08, 2011
The sexual act of two gay men who 69 by putting balls in their mouths instead of dicks. When seen from the side this position resembles two chipmunks 69ing with cheeks full of nuts. These nuts will keep them happy over a long winter.

Mentioned in South Park s15e01 as Kyle's email address
I don't know but he mentioned something about 69ing Chipmunks.
by goldengirlsblows April 29, 2011
The initial reaction of most virgins to penetration. With a grimace and muffled gasp, the virgin in question shoots out an arm towards the chest or face in true Football fashion. Unintentional injuries may result from such violent actions.
"What the fuck happened to your nose?"

" I was going for her V-Card and got just the tip in before she busted my face up with a Virgin Stiff Arm
by goldengirlsblows February 07, 2011
One of the only well developed muscles on gamers, especially those who have yet to grow pubic hair.

During an argument the kid or effeminate dude in his parents basement will mention how awesome he is and something about your mother
"I can't believe you lost the game for us! I was trying so hard (tears forming)... hard like my 13 year old dick with your mom!"

"Really man? Did you just rip off your bieber T-shirt and flex your Microsoft Muscle?"
by goldengirlsblows February 07, 2011
Relocating human ejaculate from the receiving party to another... possibly the originator, called Snow Balling.

See also Cum Swapping
The only thing better than a Cream Pie is seeing your girlfriends best friend Batch Harvest from her ass
by goldengirlsblows December 17, 2010