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The belief and understanding of the World as a little speck in a little speck called the milky way in the midst of billions of other galaxies like ours, were created in 6 days, (6 days are not as they seem to us) the earth, the sun, the moon, the creatures and everything else, including us, were made by our loving God, brought by His grace,

But some do not believe this and reject this, which want to believe in "Evolution" which is to believe that the world was created. Like this:

There was nothing, and something appeared in nothing for no reason and exploded for who-knows-what reason, then somehow made everything, people, do me a favor and try to make a house by exploding a dynamite on the floor? See if it works.

God created all things, for He is a merciful and all-loving God,
by GodisGreater January 10, 2013

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