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1 definition by GloverDawg

Killing an unborn child that was most likely your fault. 1 in every 4 babies are killed by abortion. By the time a woman decides to have a baby that baby can feel pain.the baby is not a part of the woman because as soon as he is concieved, he is a separate human being. and just because that baby cant speak fom himself yet, he has no say in whether or not his brains should be sucked out of his skull.I understand that there are women who get pregnant from rape, but that is very rare because someone who is forcibly being sexed will be way too tense to concieve. and even if they do, there is adoption. couples in america wait as long as seven years to adopt a baby because they cant concieve. and dont you even tell me overpopulation is a problem. it isnt.
woman:hey baby? wanna have your brains sucked out by abortion?
baby: no comment
woman: then yes it is!
by GloverDawg December 20, 2005