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Def 1. The alpha, the omega, the creator
Def 2. Manbearpig (or somebody that has a bush of hair over their whole body.
Def 3: One possessing the "gena penis aka gena chode."
Def 4: Term for extremely over possessive dad who moniters son's internet and wire taps their room for as much privacy invasion as possible.
Def 5: One using otb terms and making sarcastic jokes while thinking they are being funny while in reality sounding stupid.
def 6: sneaking into young virgin son's room and stealing his anal viginity night after night.
Gena(verb)aka Gena'd
def 1: having your internet shut off by gena at random times
def 2: gettin called over from across the room and verbally abused for absolutely nothing.
def 3: stealing 8 year old daughter's friend's cellphone and tryin to test it by making wierd repetitive noises.
1. Dude I was pkin last night but I got gena'd and lost connection.
3. I was tryin to jerk off, but Gena was monitering my computer.
4. Lmao John has a gena penis!
5. My little sister's phone went missing and when I picked her up from her friend's house, there was a guy saying RAZ RAZ RAZ RAZ RAZ DVA TREEE
by Ginogina February 26, 2007

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