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The word ginger is referring to people with red hair and freckles. The word is not to be confused with those that have red hair and no freckles (those would be referred to as daywalkers). The word was made popular by Southpark in the episode, "Ginger Kids". The ideas associated with the word thanks to Southpark are that they have no souls, cannot go out into the sun, and are quite vicious as they troll the night. The word, is an anagram for an extremely offense word. I'll give you a hint:

It's not NAGGER
Person #1: Oooh, that's pretty, let's get a picture infront of it!!
Person #2: But who will take the picture? I want all of us to be in it.
Ginger: *sigh* I'll take the picture... people without souls don't show up in pictures anyways.
by Ginger Kid #1 October 18, 2007

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