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Is a group of discrimatory, racist, stupid, wikipedia rejects. Thay apperently hate music because thay are computer geeks that are loosers and have no life and still live with their moms. Thay claim that it is not right to call people gay, but at the same time every second article is called gay. These people at encyclopedia dramatic need to get a life.
Go to encyclopedia dramatica and type in any band, even a good one, and it will be positive that thay are going to slander that band.
by GiantGio February 03, 2007
is a big rock at lock 7 in thorold ontario, the legend goes that sailors would kiss their loved ones before going to sea, and if you kiss your lover right near it, you will have a very long and happy relationship. truth is sailors might have said good bye to their loved ones there, but the rock was never there, it was actualy brought from the quary to the sight by a local construction worker named "michael pennacchietti".
good tale behind it, but the thorold kissing rock goes to show you, dont believe everything you hear.
by GiantGio June 28, 2007
one of the best types of rock ever. better then hair metal who only cared about aperance then thier music. poetic-like lyrics, and dirty distorted guitar riffs. its such a shame no a days we have to listen to rap and hip hop that has no talent. if kurt cobain was still alive, im positive that rap and hip hop wouldent even be in existence. but grunge isint just nirvana, its also the smashing pumpkins, pearl jam, and last and posible the best grunge band ALICE IN CHAINS. its sad that layne had to die. but now alice in chains reformed with a new singer and are now touring with thier old songs. and also thay might be coming out with a new album. o ya.....i forgot the stone temple pilots.
grunge - amazing.
metal- good.
hair metal- all image no talent.
rock- the best type of music with the exeption of emo and the punk now a days.
punk- use to be good.
rap- crap.
hip hop- same as rap, either way thay both need to die out.
by GiantGio February 02, 2007

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