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1. short for "lunatic". A crazy person. This term is derived from the phrase "crazy as a loon".

2. in Canada this word denotes a 1 dollar coin that has a loon bird on one side. A Canadian 2 dollar coin, which has a polar bear on one side is called a "toony".
1. The loony is on the grass.

2. At the University of Toronto I talked to a student there and I mentioned seeing the word "loonies" on a video game in a bar nearby. I told her that in America a loony is a lunatic, that the word means that someone is nuts. She said it used to mean that in Canada too, but the meaning changed when the coins were introduced.
by Ghost Rhyder May 12, 2007
a Canadian phrase that was made popular in America with the 1982 winter hit "Take Off!" by comedians Bob and Doug MacKensey. Geddy Lee of Rush provides the actual singing between "verses" that are pretty much spoken by the comedians. Bob and Doug would go on to more success with their Christmas hit, the movie "Strange Brew", and more.
Take off! To the Great White North. Take off!
by Ghost Rhyder May 12, 2007
In 1984, after the popularity of Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers skyrocketed thanks to the runaway success of it's 1983 TV commercial, which featured actress Claire Pellar asking the question "Where's the beef?", some men started sporting T-shirts that answered that question with the remark "Here's the beef!" as a joke.
When I was at a donkey basketball game I saw a man wearing a purple T-shirt that said in big letters the phrase Here's the beef! on it.
by Ghost Rhyder May 12, 2007
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