2 definitions by George P. Burdell

Premier School of Enginnering where students learn to take it up the rear by facult and staff. While busting their balls to keep their grades up, but failing in the process, and all the time being forced to wear "Tech Goggles" and hit on otherwise hideous "women"

A freshman enters GEORGIA TECH for the first time having a 4.3 avergage in his upper level highschool classes but soon finds that a D is an accomplishment at his new school.
by George P. Burdell September 09, 2003
"Thadook" is the the sound made by a car's tires as it it hits the small reflective square lane markers. Thadook driving is the technique used while under the influence or otherwise distracted to echo-locate your vector on the road. When one stops hearing the steady, repeative "thadook...thadook...thadook", one knows to brace for the impact.
I was thadooking down the road when it went silent and I think I went airborne. I was able to crawl from the wreckage with the dimebag and walk home.
by George P. Burdell March 09, 2005

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