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An act committed by someone who adheres to the hip-hop lifestyle when they do something that is out of character for them due to emotional stresses, disregard of social etiquette, or their desire to abandon the hip-hop lifestyle. According to this definition, 'fake' people cannot commit swagacide, for they never had swag in the first place. Only 'real' people (those who adhere to the hip-hop lifestyle because it is who they are and not because they want to 'go with the crowd') can commit this act. 'Swagacide' causes those to witness it to doubt the authenticity of the offender's swag and they may begin to believe that the offender has been fake all along.
Also, swagacide can also be committed by someone who tries too hard to be real. For instance, they abuse slang, take the urban clothing style to a unhealthy extreme, or are too overbearing with their personalities to the point that all their actions have no real stock behind them. This form of ‘swagacide’ is easier to identify than the first example.
Bull 1- Yo, did you see the way Big B freaked the fuck out after his girl broke up with him?
Bull 2- Yeah dawg! His voice got all high pitched an shit and he threw his fitted away. Pure swagacide, yo.
Bull 1- Guess he was fake after all, huh?

Swagacide Dude- Yo yo yo yo yo my dawgs what is good with all my homies up in this bitchin hood yo yo!
Real Dude- Shut the fuck up, fake fool!
by Genius On Deck aka Red Spade November 03, 2009

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