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A fictional place coined by singer/songwriter Rickie Lee Jones in 1979. Coolsville is largely populated with colorful characters both hopeless and hopeful, the disenfranchised, the down-and-out, hipsters, bohemians, junkies, artists, and what not. Coolsville is a place of hard redemption. It can also be used as an adjective and verb.
"The real thing come and the real thing go/The real thing is back in town/Ask me if you want to know the way to Coolsville." - Rickie Lee Jones
#rickie lee jones #coolsville #hip #hipster #bohemian #artist #artists #junkies #disenfranchised
by Gene Skala June 27, 2006
In crowded situations when one decides not to make chatty or long calls on their cell phones . They do this out of politeness and to preserve the sanity of those around them.
Even though he had many return calls to make, Chris decided to be cellibate for 10 minutes after taking a seat onto the crowded bus.
#cell #cellphone #public transportation #cellibate #celebicy
by Gene Skala October 28, 2006
A dysfunctional family that was once functional, a disowned family, and/or a term used by family member who wishes to speak of his family in a past tense.
"I don't talk to my formerly anymore"; "I haven't seen a member of my formerly for a long time now."; "I come from a dysfunctional formerly".
#family #formerly #mother #father #brother #sister #aunt #uncle #relatives #extended family #relations #relationships
by Gene Skala March 22, 2008
when you're stuck in Texas and can't leave the state.
I'd love to visit Chicago sometime, but right now I'm stuck in a vortexas.
#texas #vortex #states #united states #regional
by Gene Skala April 27, 2011
An intern (ages 16 to 21) working for sexual predators. These predators are typically 10, 20, 30 years or older, in positions of considerable authority in high offices (President, Senator, etc.) and will typically use charm and flattery by way of sicko IM messages or even cigars to sexually excite, flatter and ultimately lure the intern into an exploitative and disturbing situation.
The intern thought he was working for Joe Senator on Capitol Hill until he realized he was actually working for a pathetic vampire looking to turn him into a skintern.
#vampire #intern #skintern #capitol hill #president #senator #lewinsky #foley #clinton #monica #monicagate #foleygate #internship #predator
by Gene Skala October 05, 2006
When a person goes away, experiences a personal transformation, and returns as a different person for the better or the worse.
(Example of for the BETTER):
My parents went brokeback on us. They use to be mean and strict, but then they went on a second honeymoon, and came back acting nicer to us.

(Example of for the WORSE):
The lost Bible thumpers decided to interupted a Satanic goat slaughter ritual to ask for directions back to their motel. You might say they had a brokeback experience. They were never the same after that.
#brokeback #humiliation #misinformed #identity #geography #location
by Gene Skala May 15, 2006
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