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What happens when gay men go a little over the top in trying to act butch.
Twelve flamboyant hairdressers decided to spend the day at the ballpark. So they traded in thier Versace Jeans and Kenneth Cole shirts for a pair of Levi's and smelly old t-shirts. When they got to the ballgame they started getting drunk and wilding it up. They were hollerin', drinkin', hi-fiven', fartin', and spittin' tobacco. Then they started making crude remarks about the players, how they looked in their uniforms, and what they do if they had one night alone in a hot tub with #32, #7, and #41, respectively. Afterwards they went out into the street, tore down signs, started throwing beer bottles and bustin' the chops of fans from the other team. When the cops came to bust up the fight, they started brawling with them too. So the twelve hairdressers ended up spending the night in lockup. The next they woke up sore with terrible hangovers and scheduled court appearances. Their original plan to get facials, shop for thongs, Waterhouse crystal goblets, and Judy Garland CD's, but the instead opted for a good brokeback cause--a day at the ballpark.
by Gene Allen June 08, 2006

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