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Noun: A feeling of joy, excitement, and/or anxiety when a celebrity deigns to personally reply to your comment on the celebrity's Twitter.
My girlfriend got a reply from Suze Orman and she was so excited she almost pissed herself. She's so Twitterstruck.
by Gebus Krost May 25, 2009
The invisible force that prevents you from moving when there's a cat on you. This force, like normal gravity, increases exponentially with the cat's proximity to your center of mass. Measured in meowtric tons.
I should have gone to the store today, but I was pinned to the couch by gravkitty.
by Gebus Krost January 20, 2009
Unit of measurement of gravkitty.
I had two cats on my lap, so the gravkitty was, like, twenty meowtric tons.
by Gebus Krost January 20, 2009

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