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1. Use to counter insults even when it doesn't make since, resulting in humor and or confusion.
"Your fat and ugly and no one loves you!"

"Thanks, I work Out


"Your mom is retarded!"

"Thanks, I work out.
by Garrett Szilard January 17, 2009
A plant, by the majority, are mis-educated about it. Thinking of it to be both a drug and a gateway to actual drugs that actually can kill. When in reality, it has vast medical benefits, near to impossible to overdose on.
"Marijuana is not only a gateway drug, but it kills!"

(Student #1)
"I agree!"

(Student #2)
"Really? How many has it killed so far?"

"Well.....um....it's a gateway drug"

(Student #2)
"Ah huh....What else do you believe the government tells you that isn't true?"
by Garrett Szilard November 25, 2009
1. When a tank does unusual things in any sort of video game or even real life, such as flying, uncontrollable laughter or shoots out random objects.

2. When other a noob or a skilled person gets in a tank and blows up other noobs or skilled people while laughing out loud or making funny insults to cover up his noobish tactics.
Rofltank is:

A tank zooms by in the sky...WTF!!?

A tank killing hundreds in a game while the driver is saying owned, noobcake, get some, etc.
by Garrett Szilard January 24, 2009
A fairy of some sort(A person) who grants wishes involving someone's ass. For other sexual events, punishment events or as gay jokes
"I shall grant you a ass kicking of your life"

"Bend over and your wish shall be granted"

"Watch out man! That guy is a Magical Butt Fairy from all the booty he has been getting"

"I was told you are one of those Magical Butt Fairies people have been getting raped about."
by Garrett Szilard May 07, 2009

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