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Frube-ing is the squeezing of the penis to remove semen following ejaculation. This is usually carried out in a similar fashion to that of removing yogurt from the popular 'Petits-Filous' frubes. The thumb and forefinger are used to gently squeeze the penis at the base, then are gradually dragged towards the tip, thus removing the semen via the meatus.
Following a heavy session of masturbation, Joe decided to undertake frube-ing to reduce dribble during the remainder of the day.
by GSY May 25, 2009
The frustration and annoyance that is felt, when one feels an obsession to acheive 10 results of heads consecutively by flipping a coin.
Person 1: Grrrr... I've been flipping this coin for over 2 hours now and I've still only flipped 8 heads in a row!!!

Person 2: Dude, you have a serious case of coinnoyance...
by GSY May 25, 2009
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