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Eastern Long Island town that is often referred to as rich considereing that many of the houses in the center of town go for over a million dollars. Not noted are the lesser houses on the west and east side of town which are prodominately going for 500,000 dollars, a normal price for a home on long island. Many students dress similar but the over abundance of "preps" is not so noticable anymore, there are in fact many skaters, punks, and people who just dress however the hell they want.
Very misunderstood as a snobby rich daddy gives me everything i want town, garden city is mostly not that. Most kids dont drive a BMW, half the school doesnt play a sport, and Imsure if you went to Manhassett, the same amount of jocks would be getting into Ivy League schools too. Oh yea, the smart kids get into those too if you didnt know.

One last thing, our ceilings were replaced and fixed in 2001. And the money used for the turf was donated by a country club specifically for a new turf field.
That Garden City bitch is so stuck up.
by GC East Sider November 26, 2005

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