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No, seriously. As Ghetto-Fab as the real ones are, I saw some of these hubcaps that were spinners that a mexican had on his pile of shit! I laughed for days. What makes it funnier is that the dumb fuck was not even kidding.
I'm so glad that our nations role models are retarded, ignorant rappers. We can thank people like Ludacris for introducing spinners. But they're soooo expensive. If only they came as Hubcap Spinners, then any broke-ass retarded, ignorant fuck on the planet can have them.
by G. DeMeritt December 29, 2004
A pervert that is related to someone as the brother of their mother or father.
A more lighthearted hyperbole used for someone who is acting like a chester. They may not, in fact, actually be an uncle or a pervert.
Okay Uncle Pervy, you could be a little less descriptive next time... so how'd she get it out of her eye anyway?
by G. DeMeritt December 30, 2004
Stands for the Tucson Police Department of Tucson, Arizona. They claim to protect and serve, but actually spend most of their time harassing ordinary tax-payers to turn a profit. The majority of the department's resources are dedicated to traffic violators, which provide a widely accessible form of internal revenue. They are often seen sporting a mustache, even the females, and looking like the assholes they are. Most of their bitterness toward humanity comes from the fact that their bosses line their greedy pockets while dicking them on their shitty wages (in the typical Tucson fashion).
TPD is mostly just a bunch of small-cocked assclowns. Their motorcycle cops are such pieces of human excrement. They all look like a bunch of jockey rejects and only feel good about themselves because they are taller than you when you're sitting in your car.
by G. DeMeritt December 30, 2004
This is the scale (often enumerated 1 - 10) that measures the attractiveness of members of the opposite sex. A female, for example, that has a squint-factor of 0 is attractive without the need to squint while looking at her. Conversly, a woman with a squint-factor of 10 is only attractive while squinting considerably and maintaining a very optimistic interpretation.

See Also: Beer Goggles
I usually like to make the magic happen with the lights on, but since she was like a squint-factor of 10 I had to turn that shit off.
by G. DeMeritt December 30, 2004
A much more amusing version of skinflute. This instrument more closely resembles its descriptive reference. One has to admit that the cockandballs look much more like a bong, and smoking from a bong is much closer to the action of fellatiating.
My beeotch started playing skinflute and I was like "What the fuck are you doing?" From that day forward she knew she had to hit the skinbong.
by G. DeMeritt December 30, 2004
A lucrative business in a questionable neighborhood that feeds on people who are too stupid to invest in their own washer and dryer. Their multiple litters of little fucking rats run around like maniacs in the parking lot. They will pull up in brand new Escalades and H2s in reverse. Surprisingly, they have enough momentary forethought to reverse so that its easier to drag in their cum-stained clothes into the waiting area. The higher-ranking regulars bring their own change and laundry detergent.
Working next to a laundrymat less than 50 miles from the Mexican border is so fun. I see some of the most enjoyable and intelligent people on the planet. They're proof that there is a glimmering hope for humanity.
by G. DeMeritt December 29, 2004

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