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29 definitions by G-Zilla

When you sit in a co-workers chair and fart with your butt pressed firmly into the seat, thus causing the odor to be trapped in the seat cushion. It's like planting a bomb but stinky.
Man 1: (sits down at his chair) Why do I smell a fart when there's nobody around me?
Man 2: I gave you a creeper fart like 20 minutes ago.
by G-Zilla July 12, 2009
A saying spoken by U.S. Army Drill Sergeants whenever something appears comical to them, due to the Drill Sergeants inability to speak more than two words without cussing, they will often implant curse words in the middle phrases where they have no business being.
Private: Drill Sergeant my knee bone is sticking out of my leg.

Drill Sergeant: Ha-Mother-Fucking-Ha, Front Leaning Rest Position Move!!!

Drill Sergeant: I find your pain and discomfort comical to me and I would like you to do push ups to further increase your pain and vicariously my amusement at said pain.
by G-Zilla July 13, 2009
The first jerk of the day; may also be referred to as "chopping the lumber down", this is the reason god invented morning wood.
Man 1: I didn’t have my morning latte and now I’m feeling sluggish.

Man 2: I can do without a latte but I can’t do without my morning jerk, otherwise the whole day is shot.
by G-Zilla July 19, 2009
The air jerk done extremely slow while making eye contact. The slower and more deliberate the jerk, the more inappropriate it will be perceived, popularized by the show "The Whitest Kids You Know".
Man 1: Wanna go play some table tennis?

Man 2: (looks man 1 dead in the eyes and slowly mimics jerking off and eventually climaxing to orgasm)

Man 1: Gross dude, don't slow air jerk, come on stop doing it so slowly!
by G-Zilla July 12, 2009
What the U.S. Army calls the "push up". Why in the hell cant they call it the push up like every body else in the English speaking world.
Drill Sergeant: Why are you late private?

Private : Well Drill Sergea

Drill Sergeant: (Cuts the Private off mid-sentence) I didn’t ask for any lip Private, Front Leaning Rest Position move!
by G-Zilla July 13, 2009
Another name for the air jerk, or simulating masturbation while fully clothed to annoy others or let them know you don’t care.
Man 1: My daughter is going to be the lead in the elementary school production of cats.

Man 2: (begins pseudo jerkin it)

Man 1: That's how I feel about it too.
by G-Zilla July 12, 2009
A Bachelor Plate actually refers to a lack of an actual plate. Most of the time the use of a bachelor plate entails eating over the sink or a trash can in order to avoid cleaning/owning an actual plate.
Man 1: Dude, your steak is ready.

Man 2: Why did you just bring me my steak on a fork? Where is the plate bro?

Man 1: I don’t own any, I use bachelor plates, so you can either eat over the trashcan or the sink, your call.

Man 2: Sink, I call the sink!
by G-Zilla July 18, 2009