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That Is Simply Not True
Bush said Saddam Hussein was seeking Uranium from Niger, but TISNT.
by Frosty J Hammer January 20, 2004
Thanks For The Link
Got the link you sent me... TFTL! =`:^>
by Frosty J Hammer January 27, 2004
"Dick Size War"

When two sides both say there's is better, bigger, faster, longer, harder, whatever than the other side's.

"DSW" trivializes the competition as each side saying "My dick's bigger than yours."
I'm not getting into any DSW between Pickies and SQL-addicts.
#dick #size #war #comparison #erectile dysfunction #penis envy
by Frosty J Hammer November 18, 2005
"I Shit You Not"

Although the speaker is usually full of shit, right now is especially full of shit, and has been just this minute talking shit, the next shit outta his mouth is "the true shit."
This guy's last name was, ISYN, "Kracker!"
by Frosty J Hammer January 30, 2004
Coffee Thru The Nose
that joke had me CTTN
by Frosty J Hammer April 13, 2005
The Old Ball And Chain: your electronic connection to the real world you are trying to leave behing... but can't.
Sorry to bring this laptop on the fishing trip, but I promised the boss I'd have the TOBAC with me.
#mobile #office #tether #ball&chain #ball+chain #ball and chain #leash
by Frosty J Hammer August 15, 2007
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