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1 definition by Friend of White Jamaal

Is a White dude named Jamaal, said (Jam-all), The only real white, like blond-6'2"-green-eyed-Scandinavian-looking, Jamaal on the planet lives in Toronto, Canada. Don't ask me what his parents were smoking... I asked his ass once and he said, "They were gonna call me Abdullah, but thought people would make fun of me."
White Jamaal was called for an interview...

HR Person: "is there a Jamaal here?"

White Jamaal: "Yes, that's me" (stands up)

HR Person: "I... oh... you... ar... ah...." (color draining from her face)

White Jamaal: " Is every thing ok?" (Good white church boy)

HR Person: "Well you see... how do.... its that... we need... this position... mandated... visible minority quota..."

White Jamaal: "I understand, Thank you for your time."
by Friend of White Jamaal February 04, 2010
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