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The act of providing free services to friends. Originated from the legal term "pro bono" meaning "for the public good" or "free".
Friend #1: "Hey man, I need a logo designed for my new company but I dont have a lot of money"

Friend #2: "no problem man, your my best friend, I'll do it Bro Bono"
by FreshBreaker April 15, 2010
Mishaps, mistakes and errors caused my the intake of the prescription medication Xanax; which is often responsible for many accidents and conundrums.
Man #1: Oh my god, what happened to that half pizza I was saving in the fridge.

Man#2: I must have ate it last night by Xanaccident.
by FreshBreaker April 14, 2010
Having sexual intercourse strictly for the purpose of correcting the imbalance of having screwed way too many hot chicks.
Guy1: "Man, I cant believe that bartender let me fuck her"

Guy2: "Yea, your gonna have to Karma fuck the waitress at the truck stop to pay for that or you'll never get laid again"
by FreshBreaker August 04, 2009
Pronounced (Tie-zer-eyes)

To use hand sanitizer
Guy #1: "Man that hand rail was filthy"

Guy #2: "You need to tizerize those hands"
by FreshBreaker April 23, 2010
House, Home, Crib, Domestic Domicile
1. Aight yall, I'm headin' back to the snip, catch yall later.

2. Oh man, hells yea, I gots that back at the snip.
by FreshBreaker September 21, 2009

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