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Founded by St. Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, the (Roman) Catholic Church claims to have over one billion followers. The religion is based on the belief that there is one God who conceived in the Virgin Mary, his son, Jesus Christ.

The Catholic Church worships one God. As I am catholic, this definition ceases to be unbiased at this point. God is almighty and loves all of us, Catholic or not. Contrary to popular belief, Catholics worship God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. These three entities are one in the same, and are referred to as the Holy Trinity. All the saints that the church recognizes are prayed to for intercession and not as other gods. Similiarily, the Virgin Mary is prayed to as a Saint and for intercessions NOT as a god.

Throughout current history, the church as been synomous with corruption, rape, and hypocracy. I, being a catholic, can assure the reader that all innappropriate actions made by deacons, priests, bishops, archbishops, cardinals, popes, and even alter servers, are appropriately disciplined.

Finally, the members of the Catholic Church are taught that it is the true church but are not brainwashed into blindly following a corrupt institution. Confirmation, the sacrament of officially joining the church, is a choice made entirely by the individual. As with all faiths, the Catholic Church is not perfect but strives to prefect its ways by acting according to its beliefs. Members are encouraged to research the faith and find reasons for belief.
An extremely misunderstood religion that is just as accepting as others and, if actually researched, a very simple, Catholic faith.
by FrenchChristian July 29, 2011
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