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An overpriced school in Richland NJ. Parents send their kids there to recieve a good "education" and for the "brotherhood". More penis' have been drawn inside this school then in any other institution in America. The alleged "Dick Bandit" drew dicks on cieling tiles, tests, walls, lockers, and even drew an 18 foot mack daddy along-side one of the traielrs. May "dick Bandit" or "Boner Bandit" be forever remembered. The education at St. Augustine is mainly a joke. Freshman and Sophomore years are a little challenging, but the second half of H.S. is a joke. I havent taken any notes since November. Also, the prized "Richland Rowdies" are dying, seniors go to games and maybe two other kids. The Prep is going down the tube thats for sure. The glory days that my brother told me have forever passed. Such things as cookie time and the reverred "Gauntlet". One of the priests keeps a dog who has to be about 18 or 19 years old. You can see her brain when she waddles on by. The teachers at the Prep are excellent, but mainly fradulent. Especially the teacher of Accounting and Finance. He sucks himself offon a daily basis One of the greatest teachers at the Prep would have to be a Louis Renzulli. The Man.
jaunt stain money fresh St. Augustine Prep
by Freds Fat Vaginaa March 26, 2010

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