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19 definitions by FrankPalace

When a man gets a second erection boner immedeately after ejaculating cumming.
My wife has always been impressed and pleased with my resurrections throughout our relationship....her friends too!
by FrankPalace January 09, 2012
When I got to college I met a lot of women that were C.U.N.T.s.
by FrankPalace January 05, 2012
Early Morning HardOn...Erection a man has when he wakes up in the morning.
Ever since I was thirteen, I've had an E.M.H.O.!
by FrankPalace January 12, 2012
The act of invading another's genital area with your tongue whiile they are sleeping.
My wife was in bed in a deep sleep, gave me a chance to be a space invader.
by FrankPalace January 12, 2012
When a group of BUMS, more than two, approach you asking for money or food.
While at the highway rest stop, I was bumbarded by several homeless bums beging for money and food.
by FrankPalace January 05, 2012
When the dick of an obese man is engulfed and hidden by the fat surrounding his pelvic area.
I gained so much weight over the holidays, I suffered from a bad case of indicktion, my girl could not find my dick.
by FrankPalace January 05, 2012
When a person is orally pleasuring another while their nose rubs the ass of that person, directly on the anus.
In addition to a great blowjob, my wife treated me with some assnossis.
by FrankPalace January 12, 2012