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something that if it is not for study purposes it is a extreamly dick thing to give. Teachers that give a lot of homework are low life pieces of shit. We are in school for like 8 hours each day after school we are tired and bored. and a teacher is gonna give you more homework as if 8 hours isnt enough to take away and last pride and manhood a person could possibly savage after listening to a stupid gook chink asshole talk about how napolean fucked this guy up the ass and thats how france became a country. Homework has NO point is gay and is wrong low and obnoxious
Mr. Douch bag: im giving u a 25 page homework packet due friday.

HUGH what you think your the only teacher that gives homework, a packet plus others form other classes. FUCK YOUR MOTHER u low life cocksucker what kind of bull shit is that you bitch ass nigga, i dont care what the government says fuck what you heard it's what you hearin, and what you hearin is the sound of my gat click click boom ill blow your 2 inch cock off. motherfucker ill beat the shit out of your wife with my 15 inch cock and gag that bitch by rape, this aint a game motherucker i got a life and im busy douch bag trailor parker. Go back to the trailor park faggot u gay ass drag queen. ima set it off on your family bitch ill flip this desk over and shove this overhead projector up you ass cock sucker. All this after hearing that ho go on about the the faggits in the like fourteen hundreds all i heard was blah blah blah some lozer luie the 15th raped his kid and fucked a dog (wow) or some shit like that i dont care either i got a note for my not done homework. Dear chode go ram you 2 incher up your dogs raging asshole thanks
by Francesco Albanese January 02, 2007
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