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Usually there's alot of truth to so called conspiracy theories and a mountain of easily verified evidence to any sane intelligent person willing to look deep into these matters.There are many conspiracy facts but simply calling them conspiracy theories manages to quash the truth and serves to give the people talking about them the appearance of being mentally unstable nutters who spend their spare time wearing tinfoil hats.

The truth "IS" out there but people are too fucking stupid and lack discernment.

There are looneys but also there are debunkers and they're just a fucking looney as the real tinfoil hat people.

As for the arrogant scoffers I ask,is it really so hard to believe that the government is capable of lies and deceit?

If you answered no to that then you already have your head farther up your ass than any of the real tinfoil hat wearing looneys do.

The fact is that some things that get labeled conspiracy "theories" are actually hard facts and easily verifiable.If you stick to the hard facts then there really is some weird fucking shit going on if you've got the balls to be honest and admit it and aren't a cowering wimp with your head buried up your own ass like a chicken shit.

Don't speculate.Look for the real historical evidence and the real facts and form your opinions from those.Facts aren't theories and if you think they are then you're just mentally fucking retarded.Too much Mtv maybe?
The truth really "IS" out there if you'd only look for it.
by Fox Mulder May 08, 2005

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