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A kick-ass heavy metal band/hard rock band that will finally save rock music from poser "Post Grunge" like Nickelback
dude 1: Heard of that new Australian band Airbourne?
dude 2: Hell Yeah! Will they save us from that crap that's flooding the active rock stations like Nickelback, Hinder, and Daughtry?
dud 1: Hell YEAH!! \m/-
by Floyd Henri January 28, 2008
1. (Cleveland Brown Sr.) A Neighbor and best friend to Peter Griffin in the TV show family guy. Cleveland is an African American divorced dad, who's very calm and gentle. His ex-wife's fling with Glenn Quagmire ended their marriage. Tends to be boring and funny at the same time

2.) (Cleveland Brown Jr.)Chris Griffin's friend and son of Peter's friend Cleveland Brown Sr. Unlike his dad, Cleveland Jr. is all hyper and has A.D.D.

3.) The only team in the NFL to pull a Jesus. They relocated to Baltimore, then the Baltimore team was forced to sever all ties with it's Cleveland past so that an expansion team would now axquire all of the Baltimore team's Cleveland past, thus becoming the reborn Cleveland Browns.
Peter Griffin: Well guys, my vasectomy is tomorrow.
Cleveland Brown: You poor bastard. After all, sex is pointless without potantcy.
Glenn Quagmire: That's right, you take the venom out of a cobra and what do you got? You got a...a belt.

The Cleveland Browns trounced the Pittsburgh Steelers last sunday, that Cleveland Brown team will win a Super Bowl one of these Centuries.
by Floyd Henri January 29, 2008
Dan Cole "The Common Man" is the most awesome radio show in the Minneapolis/St. Paul/Greater Minnesota area. He hosts "The Common Man Show" on the Fan, a Sports/Talk station in Twin Cities market which which is simulcasted across the upper midwest. His show consists of Tomfoolery ans Skullduggery. One of the first to coin the term Rube, his sense of humor is that which some people don't understand. He'll pretend to be dumb and not know what he's talking about, when he actually does know what he's talking about, just to throw some people who don't get the humor off. He has a following callied the commonwealth who help contribute humor to his show. His show is also called "Nothing at Noon", and also "Next to Nothing at 1"
Dan Cole "the Common Man" is the King of Twin Cities radio.

Dan Cole is 10 times better than that idiot on the KQ Morning show Tom Barnyard
by Floyd Henri June 09, 2009
1.) An obviously closeted homosexual Senator from Idaho

2.) A closeted Homosexual who still denies being gay after being caught red-handed doing gay things.
1.) Larry Craig, the Senator from Idaho, should just give up and admit he likes dudes.

2.) When Daniel was caught with homo-erotic drawings he drew, he went all Larry Craig and said that it was for an Art Class.
by Floyd Henri January 28, 2008
The perfect name for the overpaid baseball team from the Bronx who always choke in the playoffs because they would rather wank on the field so they can enjoy their overpaid salaries in the off season sooner.
Did you see the New York Wankees choke in the play-offs last year, Man they are eating out of Swinebrenners hands.
by Floyd Henri July 29, 2009
Use to be a good website until the biggest douchebags in the history of the internet became editors there. Meanwhile some twerp still manages to have the most simplist word become something lewd, obscene, and dirty, yet still be published by these dimwitted asshole editors!

The asshole editors at Urban Dictionary wouldn't publish my clean definition of a radio show personality! Urban dictionary now SUCKS DONKEY BALLS! FUCK YOU URBAN DICTIONARY!
The asshole editors at Urban Dictionary wouldn't publish my clean definition of a radio show personality! Urban dictionary now SUCKS DONKEY BALLS
by Floyd Henri June 09, 2009
Anothers post grunge poser group actve rock radio wants to force down peoples throats. Avoid at all costs. Think Hinder, yet more boring.
Dude 1: Hey Heard that new band on 93x last night that rocked the cage match.
Dude 2: Safteysuit? Hell no! They blow balls, they sound like Matchbox 20, just like everyone else?
Dude 1: No, I was talking about Airbourne, the band that kicked their ass by a landslide on last nights cagematch, for being a breath of fresh air.
by Floyd Henri January 28, 2008

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