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Something 99.9% of college kids use to have fun because their personalities aren't appealing enough to have fun with.
People who drink beer every day in college are most likely very uninteresting people. 100% of the hilarious things I do, I am sober while doing them. If drinking is your life in college, you need one.
by Fiesta Facelift October 04, 2004
The ock in your typical local community college class who resists (in the classroom) expressing himself or liberally speaking to people unless called on. He is typically sleepy-eyed with perma-frown/stance and at any and every alloted break, this guy will jump on the cell phone and become a totally different person. see also total dick and indistinguishable.
Sally: That guy in our Chem class seems shy, I wonder if I should go talk to him?
Alex: I killed some vagrants last Tuesday.
by Fiesta Facelift August 12, 2005
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