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proper noun \ˈsən-(ˌ)dā, -dē ˈbət ˈhōl\

1. The state of a gay man's anus and lower digestive tract after a rough Saturday night of drinking and bottoming during sex--often accompanied by prideful complaining, awkward wobbles, and supportive friendship

2. An event or occurrence that is celebrated despite accompanied pain or discomfort

3. A person who you love although frequently pretend to hate but are, in fact, incredibly happy with

B: How was your night?
E: Ugh.
B: Bad? Or Sunday butthole?
E: (smiles)
Both: Jeah! (high five)


S: I'm ready to graduate although I will always look back on my time here as I would a Sunday butthole

3. I love Max, in a Sunday butthole sort of way
by Femme Fullgarverbo August 09, 2012

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