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3 definitions by FauxTeenHoes

A Harlem based rapper born in 1987. Part of the ASAP (Always Strive and Prosper) Crew. Gained recognition after releasing the mixtape DEEP PURPLE in 2010, and blew up after the singles "Peso" and "Purple Swag" leaked summer 2011. Rocky was reportedly signed to Sony Records for $3 million dollars and will be opening for Drake on his Club Paradise tour (fall '11) He is also sponsored by BLVCK SCVLE clothing company and can be seen sporting their gear in his videos.This was posted 12/1/11 , watch how big this kid gets!
Youtube ASAP ROCKY "Peso" and/or "Purple Swag" for examples of his most recent and popular work as of 12/1/11
by FauxTeenHoes December 01, 2011
A New York based rap crew, stand for Always Strive and Prosper. Sometimes stylized as A$AP
ASAP Rocky is a member of ASAP.
by FauxTeenHoes December 01, 2011
BLACK SCALE is a "street wear" clothing company based in San Fransisco, California. It was created by Michael Yabut (MEGA) and Alfred De'Tagle. Yabut, a former employee of HUF in San Fransisco was mentored in the ways of independent business and clothing production by HUF's owner Keith Hufnagel. While they made their official debut in 1997, the project was five years in the making. The underlying focus is expression of deeper issues that effect us all in an archetypal sense but somehow elude daily discussion (Religion, Politics, Death). They make some pretty fresh gear.
rapper asap rocky can be seen sporting alot of blvck scvle gear in his music videos.
by FauxTeenHoes December 01, 2011