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MGM = male genital mutilation, ritual or pseudo therapeutic circumcision of penis foreskins, especially of boys incapable of giving knowledgeable consent. MGM leaves victims with decreased capacity for sexual enjoyment as adults, and sometimes a propensity to perpetuate similar mutilations in subsequent generations. Some claim MGM reduces AIDS infection risks, improves hygiene, and enhances aesthetic appearance. However, scientific evidence is either lacking or contrary. Aesthetic considerations are debatable, but the risk of infection, surgical error, and psychological scarring is irrefutable.
1. The young man thanked God his parents were too smart to be talked into MGM for him and his brothers.
2. MGM is the male counterpart of FGM (female genital mutilation), in that the boy's penis is butchered instead of the girl's clitoris.
3. I am happy to have survived my childhood intact (natural), untouched by MGM.
cut gomco FGM circumcision foreskin fetish prepuce penis
by Fatlipsguy May 14, 2009
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