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When your so drunk, you start drinking all the left over drinks around you.
Last Friday night I got Left over drunk and after that I don't even remember the rest of the night.
by Famig July 06, 2012
When you write " what's good for tonight " on Facebook and everybody starts liking it but nobody comments and writes what's happening.
I wonder what's going on tonight, but I don't want to ask through Facebook cause I know I'll just get a bunch of Tonight's Like's.
by Famig July 06, 2012
When you think your teachers coming on to you but then you realize you've just watched to many porno's
I thought Mrs White was coming on to me until i realized i was under a teacher-tease
by Famig May 11, 2012
When one gets so turned on to someone that goes to there school, they jerk-off to a yearbook picture of that person.
I saw Vicky in school today and went home and pulled a Yearbook Yanking
by Famig May 11, 2012
Another term for a hand-job
My women was giving me dome after she gave me the classic handy johnson
by Famig May 16, 2012
When your driving in Manhatten and a New jersey driver is in front of you, driving like a women and you blow your horn at him
This New Jersian ass in front of me was driving 5mph so i gave him a New Jersey Blast
by Famig May 21, 2012
When you go to talk to a sexy girl but first you gotta check and control your fully erected penis.
I saw Natalie in school and I went to say hi but first had to pull a Cock Check Control procedure
by Famig May 31, 2012

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