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A video game series from CAPCOM, now at it's fourth release. It tells a tale of a demon hunter named Dante (who is half demon himself, being the son of the dark lord Sparda) and is a very fun action/shooter/RPG series.

Devil May Cry does not follow the release of the games chronologically. The storyline goes by: DMC3, DMC1, DMC4, DMC2
Vergil: Why do you refuse to gain power? The power of our father Sparda?
Dante: Father? I don't have a father. I just don't like you, that's all.

- Devil May Cry 3
by FallenVamphyre February 08, 2009
A now retired AOL instant messaging bot that used to be so easy to manipulate and make a mockery of.
Dude #1: Awwwhhh.... They got rid of smarterchild, it was fun while we had it!

Dude #2: NOOOOOO!!!! My life!
by FallenVamphyre February 07, 2009
Look up scam, please. It's a poorly moderated site that used to be good but is now getting sucked into a money craze and makes you pay for 80% of the things on it, and ends up banning you if you even TRY to make it fun.
I paid real money for PIXELS?! And now they BANNED ME?! I'm never going on Gaia Online again!
by FallenVamphyre February 08, 2009
A very popular internet quote originally coined by Jon and Jory of the hit youtube series "Is it a good idea to Microwave this?". It started in reference to their tinfoil masks not working while microwaving something they REALLY shouldn't (which is the basis of the show)
Jon: ...."and it can burn through our masks!"

Jory:...."The masks, they do nothing!"
by FallenVamphyre October 03, 2009
"The Body Mod Ezine!" - BMEzine

BMEzine is a reference site (www.bmezine.com) for body modification, such as piercings, scarifications, and tattoos. The site started in the 90's (note it being an "e-zine") and still goes strong today.
Oh, dude! Did you see that guys piercing on BMEzine?!

(This isn't an ad, UD!)
by FallenVamphyre February 08, 2009
The Gothsicles are an electronic band from Chicago, Illinois USA. Their music is generally of the electronic music variety, but deals thematically with more humorous topics than their contemporaries, often writing about classic video gaming, random frustrations, or lampooning the musical conventions of the genre.

They have two albums out, NESferatu and Sega Lugosi's Dead. (Both obviously having video game references)
Guy #1: Dude I just heard of this band called The Gothsicles! They're funny as hell!

Guy #2: Sweet! I'll check 'em out!
by FallenVamphyre October 02, 2009
A band that is good Finnish rock but often abused by emos and stupid scene kids. HIM doesn't deserve to be degraded by those fags

Me: My god, shut up poser!
by fallenvamphyre July 31, 2008

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