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is an alcoholic drink consisting of one part Silver Petron tequila and one part Red Bull.
I drank 5 Petro Bombs last night.
by Falconsfan1017 April 11, 2010
a complete and utter disregard for proper english and respect to the National Football League and its teams. The full phrase is "Who dat said dey gonna beat dem saints?" Its is mostly used by africans and uneducated white folk due to its broken and ebonized dialect.
I believe "Who Dat?" should be banned from the NFL.
by Falconsfan1017 April 11, 2010
when one ejaculates into a condom, then tells a female (preferably) to give a blow job. And when she goes to do it pull off the condom so that she gets slapped in the face by semen and the condom, like a rubber band.
get down here bitch so i can give you an irish rubber band!
by Falconsfan1017 February 08, 2010

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