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Realy awesome type of metal; better then all this crappy nu-metal. celtic, medieval and viking music inspired music that includes violins, woodwinds, bagpipes, etc. melodic with medieval sounding rifts, lyrics deal with mythology, paganism and ancient warfare.
Folk metal\viking metal: Finntroll, Eluvietie, Ensifirum, Korpilaani
#folk metal #viking metal #finntroll #paganism #mythology
by Evrae Wolfsong July 16, 2010
A goth is person who likes sad but pretty things; like old churches and black roses. they wear dark, eroticised fashion with colours; black, purple, indigo, blue and/or red. is is typicly punk, new romantic to medieval and victorian inspired with Christian, Agnostic and Pagan jewelry.
Amy is a goth
#goth #goths #gothic #pagan #punk
by Evrae Wolfsong July 16, 2010
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