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At birth the name is given to you if your weiner is larger then 5.7". When older the one named nick shall battle in an arena to death with all the worlss deadliest animals, killing them and wearing the remains as a banana hamock to fit on his penis. This penis will also be tested in battle, it is forced to participate in sexual combat with multiple partners on to finish them in a consecutive manner. Because of this long hard battle, Nick is no longer susseptable to insults. Instead he karate kicks them and eats good comments and compliments in order to achieve a great nutritious stanpoint. In talking about Nick you must Refer to the amount of females he gets at least once or twice and must always end the sentance with "he's soo cool". If your name is Nick you must, before starting a task, say what your doing and the word "Time"

EX. if your conducting "buisness" of any sort you must say:
Ayo what time is it? Oh Yeah it's Buisness time!
Cynthia: Oh my god nick you are soo big, and that was some of the best bangin ive had in years
Nick: Shut up Bitch...Make me a Samich

King Leonidas' real name was Nick
by Everyone Named Nick June 04, 2011

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