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2 definitions by Evandawg95

When someone on facebook sends you a marriage Request just for the fun of it.
Amy - "Did you see that Lauren is married to Adam?"
Hannah - "Oh no, she just decided to Facebook Marry him."
Amy - "Oh ok, i was worried for a second."
by Evandawg95 June 11, 2009
a person who is obsessed with people who are incredibly ghetto, usually enjoys having sex with people who are ghetto.
Ben - "Did you see that ghetto chick?"
John - "Ya, I'm totally going ghettophiliac now."

Ehler - "Mehdy your dad is a totally ghettophiliac."
Mehdy - "What the hell? Why?"
Ehler - "Because he has sex with your mom!!!"
by Evandawg95 May 23, 2009