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A Vietnamese male who sprouts hair above his upper lip in order to hide his identity while purchasing equipment to grow marijuana. Typical mustache growth periods are dependent on the life span of the marijuana plants.
Johnny (Home Depot Clerk): "Would that be all today sir?"
Duc Quang Cong: "Yes"
Johnny (Home Depot Clerk): "Would you like this equipment delivered to your home?"
Duc Quang Cong: "Uhh. No No. I carry it with wife and kids"
Johnny (Home Depot Clerk): "Are you sure sir, the equipment does weigh in total, 450kg"
Duc Quang Cong: "Yes Yes, I pay now!"
Johnny (Home Depot Clerk): "Ok sir, here is your change have a nice day"
Johnny (Home Depot Clerk): "Hey Shane, why did than man not accept our help?"
Shane (Home Depot Supervisor): "That equipment looks to be the perfect formula for a marijuana grow operation"
Johnny (Home Depot Clerk): "How can I help to avoid this illegal activity Shane?"
Shane (Home Depot Supervisor): "Next time watch for a VIETNAMESE MUSTACHE"
by Eshady June 14, 2007

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