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The M4A1 Carbine with attachable silencer (so nobody has to know) is one of the 1337est weapons known to man. Not only has it started and kicked ass in the movie swat, but consistently does in the game counter-strike where you yourself can see all the glory of the M4A1!
Fubar! Im t, i wont be able to get my m4

ROAR i lost my m4

Sweet! i stole an m4 from that nub

m4a1 = 1337
by Eriq Bjorn November 07, 2003
Okay yeah the guy who listed them all, YES THE WON THEM BUT GUESS WHO THE WERE ALLIED WITH BUCKO!!

the us of a!

show me some standalone french victories

that guy's life is filled with french victories
by Eriq Bjorn January 19, 2004

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