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Here is what I think about Mister Johnny Depp, He is an Innocent Genius Who will one day be Magnificent in The Theater Industry. I loved seeing Him walk by Stain Glass Windows as a Kid in 21 Jump Street over Time...Anyways, I ment to say this in the Best Way...but I had some infinitely beautiful dreams of Johnny Depp..Johnny Depp is welcome to Find me with Rainbows...and If he is Single..He could be my "Hot..Hot...Hot..." Boyfriend who astounded everyone one day with his Infinite Talent...
Johnny Depp " Film Star!! :) * "What If I had to Prove this..I would say...I interpret johnny Depp thinking about what people say in his Creative Films..
by Erin Rachel Young September 08, 2006
I beleive Angels love definitions and People..An Angel is A soul who has dedicated their lives to infinetely Compassionate projects...
I assist Arc Angels in real life...and they are truely advanced individuals..who help others as their Dream...and Life Aspiration...I love this Show about them on the American Hallmark Channel, "Touched by an Angel"...they really do have a God View of Others..because ArcAngel Jose' applies to be God hahaha :)
by Erin Rachel Young September 08, 2006
The Windsor's...Royalty...of Great Britain and Ireland...Soon to be Kings in the Future...Interested in Extreme Sports..while trying to Create World Peace in the Military...for Us..
Windsor...Hmmm...What do I say about this....What is the definition of an Example?? :)
by Erin Rachel Young September 08, 2006

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