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A mexican soldier in the anti-white America War.

We gonna lost this war because:
1) Democrats hates white
2) bush and his RINOs sell their souls to Hispnioc votes
3) The politically correct medias ban the patriotic ones.

A undocumented immigrant kill my sister.
by Erick the patriot September 27, 2006
Mexican warrior ready to drug us to later kill us.

Guy- Welcome to the Hispanic States of America (formerly USA), man
undocumented- Un gringo!!!!.... te voy a matar y luego violar detestable hombre blanco!!!!
Guy- aaaarrrg!!! A undocumented is killing and raping me!!!!!!
by Erick the patriot September 27, 2006
Liberal. Whites supporting a big White-general-sucide to let to the mexicans take over all.

Bush- I hates America. America should be destroyed. I am liberal. Calling to the anti-american mexicans.
Democrats- I hear you, Sir
Mexicans- Undocumented workers of doom ready.
Republicans- Now... we gonna kill ourself.
by Erick the patriot September 27, 2006
Racist copy of wikipedia, full of horrible political correctness
Uncyclopedia attacks Christ again, and again.
by Erick the Patriot October 08, 2007
The next mexian state
American- Hello Mexicans... Welcome to Cali
Lazy Mexican - Fuera chinga de su madre gringo
American- I am getting to Oregon
by Erick the patriot September 27, 2006

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