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Post-Vegas Syndrome. An excuse that can be given for mess-ups at work due to the jet lag, lack of sleep, money loss, and pretty much everything sin city can cause overuse of. Usually lasts one week, but financial side effects can last months or years.
"I'm sorry that there was no attachment on that email sir, I am suffering from PVS."

"Joe is skipping the gym today, PVS"

"Tony Nevada asked me to car pool today, his wallet is hurtin - still stuck with PVS"
by Eric On The Spot January 28, 2008
1. One who has no pull in Vegas.
2. A Sucker
You roll to the club with no girls, no reservation, and now you are waiting on line like a bunch of deegans.

They Got me flying standby like a deegan.
by eric on the spot January 22, 2008

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