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During intercourse, allow the female to get comfortable swallowing down your hoss. When the female seems to be fully involved giving oral to your tubesteak, one must then take a pair of hair trimmers from his back pocket or another close by concealed location, and shave the top of the females head resembling a skullet. This must be done near your climax point because the trimmers may stun the unsuspecting female. After you trim the shit out of her skull you should be ready to rocket semen. Remove the ding dong marinating in the females mouth and precede to spludge your jizz on her face in the shape of Hulk Hogan’s mustache. Now, smile, take a step back and look at the female. In front of you should be a woman now representing the immortal Hulk Hogan. Best results with blond haired women.
So I was fucking my girlfriend and I had my hair trimmers by the bed so I decided to Hogan her ass.
by Enormo McKean March 22, 2007

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