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someone who sucks one or more cocks professionally
and is very good at ones job
Tigg "hey u heard about that girl ta-ta she can't suck ah mean dick"
Tae "she the best cock sucka on the block"
Marvin "man she deepthroated my shit"
by Em~ Town February 18, 2008
Mean ass irish people who inbreaded with some damn germans and who knows what else back in 1700 century
lets go to the mountains,
Hell Naw damn Heiston's up there
by Em~ Town February 17, 2008
One who owns a slave(s) from the early 1900 hundreds and before. Mostly a black person being involed. Being solded from white familys to other white familys. Working for little to no money at all on farms and fields.
Tigg " Y'all know Em's Grand parents use to be slave owners"
Em " Mayne Stop playing "
by Em~ Town February 18, 2008
Some One who licks lint out of a person nut sax, belly button, toes, ears and or pussy hole...
Yo Tae what the hell is that hanging from ya mustache?
You been eating Dat poosy again?
oh HELL Nae, how you know...
You got lint on ya shyt...
Damn her i told er bout dem tight ass draws...
You Damn Lint Licka

by Em~ Town February 17, 2008

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