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3 different motives of rappers combined into one person.

Eminem: Raps about fictional events that could happen.

Slim Shady: Raps that are fun to listen to and diss pop stars.

Marshal Mathers: Raps about his life as a dad and a husband.
Eminem/Slim Shady/Marshall Mathers:
Eminem Raps:
-Love the Way you lie ft Rihanna
-Space Bound
-Stan ft Dido
-No Love ft lil wayne
-3 a.m.
Slim Shady Raps:
-Just Lose It
-We Made You
-The Real Slim Shady
Marshal Mathers Raps:
-Cleanin' out my closet
-When I'm Gone
-Like Toy Soldiers
#eminem #slim #shady #marshal #mathers
by Eminemenim∃ September 07, 2011
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