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To gravitate towards a particular person or situation because your pussy wants it so bad, even, and perhaps - especially - when your brain knows it's not a good idea.
I promised myself I wouldn't go up to my ex at the party last night, but I totally vaginated straight to him.
by Emelda Moncelet January 29, 2009
When someone makes up a new word or expression to describe something, and that word or expression is just so sublime and succinct that it is quickly adopted by the mainstream or the sub-mainstream, necessitating its inclusion in the Urban Dictionary.
Beyonce 'coined the term' bootylicious to perfectly describe a rounded butt (or Big Black Ghetto Arse, depending on how you look at it). Well done Beyonce. Sorry I can't do the little dash above the 'e' in your name but Robert's explanations are crap.

Sohm-Yung Ho 'coined the term' Resident Cunt to perfectly describe... um... the resident cunt.
by Emelda Moncelet August 07, 2009
1. Used to describe poor driving, particularly driving when drunk.

2. Lack of coordination when using the features of a car, such as the stereo or cigarette lighter.
"Wanna lift home?"

"No thanks, you have Gross Motor Skills"
by Emelda Moncelet January 29, 2009
An Urban Dicker is a frequent submitter to the Urban Dictionary. Coined by arguably (ok - VERY arguably) our generation's GREATEST Urban Dicker herself - Emelda Moncelet - who formed a Facebook group of the same name which half-heartedly promises a large novelty penis made of silicon as 1st prize to the most prolific Urban Dicker, though no final competition score-tallying date has every been nominated.

Silicon Dicker is basically an Urban Dicker who submits using their 'construct' (fake Facebook profile), or other alias.

Ivan: "I refuse to give the thumbs up to ANYTHING with 'booka' in the title....bookabullshit."

Ricky: "http://www.urbandictionary.com/author.php?author=Ricky+Foxwell"

Emelda (feeling the huge silicon novelty penis slipping from her grasp): "There's no shame when you're a Silicon Dicker "
by Emelda Moncelet February 17, 2009
A person who submits words to the urban dictionary. Particularly a habitual submitter.
"Lady-boner... is that, like, your hundredth word in Urban Dictionary Emelda?"

"My sixth I think. But I pinched one from Ivan, so..."

"Wow. You're a right little Urban Dicker ay"

Urban DictionaryUrban Dickerlady-bonerwordsmithnerdlinguist
by Emelda Moncelet February 11, 2009
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