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Delaura Middle School is home to it's mascot, the scottie dog. That may explain why the boys basketball team can't win one game. It apppears that they can't hire just one average person as a teacher. For one, some are lesbeans who check you out in the locker rooms, because they have a permed fro-hawk and can't find their own fro-hawked mate. Some teachers are emotional muslims who wear way to much smudged make-up which they apply every17 minutes.have 3-inch long arm hair, highlight their hair to hide their identity, cry when musliums arer made fun of, stare down students, and think they are wise in a greater power. Some are just plain out fat. They say how talking is distracting, but how can you focus when the floor is rumbling and fat is being shoved & jiggled in you face? Delaura considers the learning of flying paper airplanes important. They talk about setting good examples. Well the fat gym teachers have totally made an impact on my life. When i grow up i want to be just like them! And it's so great when they tell you to do push-ups and you ask them to demonstrate but they refuse. Delaura counts dance class as learning to do the italian jig. The faculty just loves to dress code because they hate seeing bra straps & being reminded of how small their wife's boobs are, or how big their man-boobs are. They don't let us wear flip flops beacause we will trip on the stairs. Do they really take us for that stupid? I have absolutely no idea why this 60-year building is even here. it's falling apart anyways, what a waste of space. DeLaura is full of people who will "fight" you but never do. Drama starts because a kid wore pajama pants to school. Their are many 3-ft tall kids, who attempt to shove you in the hallway. Kid's come in many shapes & sizes:cirrcular shaped, iscoles shaped, or have square heads. . It's full of guys who wear volcolm or hollister shirts and who wear sweet smelling perfume will get girls. which works on delaura girls
Teacher: Sweetie, can you please focus on you muslimWork?

Student: NO! I HAVE ADD! or was it adhd?!

Don't send your child to DeLaura Middle School.
by Elizabeth Moody September 06, 2009

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